Stunt Swimming?!

If u are a daredevil and like to swim then i have a place for u to go! Devil’s Pool…..yup that’s the name of it! It’s not an ordinary pool, it’s a waterfall!!!!!!

(I'm scared of heights!)

 The best times for ya’ll to visit is September through December….. But don’t be fooled the waterfall still caused deaths….17 deaths so far since 1958. 😦 But the water is usually 2 through 4 inches so u don’t really swim 🙂  I never been there but from the reviews I’ve read people saw it’s an exciting and adrenalin pumping experience! 😀 But to me I surely don’t want to go there……but as shown in the pictures below those people sure look like they’re having fun!

me & my family DON"T want to go there!

*daredevil right there* 🙂


I wonder how big a splash it would make if u jumped in????


Tour guide watches signs of danger & he's probably saying "Cannon-ball!"


inhale the beauty buddy 🙂

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